Top-Tier Subscription Service

A basic quarterly subscription to ACI Research includes original research coverage of the communications equipment and components industry via:
  1. Direct client presentations on emerging industry trends
  2. Scheduled weekly one-on-one conference calls
  3. Published reports to your in-box
  4. Intense sectoral competitive analysis on an ongoing basis
  5. Detailed trade show reporting on core business insights from key employees including CTOs, CMOs, heads of sales, regional heads of sales, product line managers, etc.
Our industry and product cycle analysis yields a wealth of long and short ideas to investors with an intermediate-term time frame (six months to two years) for investment. This aligns more closely with industry product cycles.

Special Reports

Does the company in which you are investing have the tools to compete within their target markets or will their fatal flaws defeat their efforts? ACI will provide special in-depth reporting on specific companies in the telecom equipment food chain. This can be provided as an upgrade to your subscription or as a stand-alone service. 
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