About ACI Research

Our Mission

To provide unconflicted original research for institutional investors.

Our Philosophy

At ACI Research, we consider macroeconomic trends and innovation cycles and their impact on the hardware and components powering telecom. We perform thorough macro product cycle analysis to:
  1. Understand changes to network architecture
  2. Identify factors affecting the product cycle
  3. Separate the winners from the losers
Field research is an important element of our ability to see past management presentations. We pursue core business insights from second-tier management such as division heads, product line managers, heads of marketing, and regional heads of sales.
Company History

ACI Research was founded in May 1997 in order to consult on the telecom industry to large high-tech hedge funds and mutual funds. In late 1999, the mission was changed to assist promising small to mid-sized public companies thrive through the telecom industry's pending consolidation. In 2004, ACI returned to consulting for institutional investors. 

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